If you are looking to travel to any destination within Thailand, Glassflower, the premier private transport company, has an excellent reputation for delivering clients in the style and comfort to their desired destination. Having an extensive fleet of vehicles, from saloon cars, VIP Vans through to luxury coaches, there is a mode of transport suited for all travel occasions.

Over the many years that they have been in operation, Glassflower has modelled its fleet of vehicles to match their client requirements. Whether it is a short journey or an extended trip to another province they can provide the luxury, coupled with the highest quality of professional drivers to make the journey pleasurable, smooth, in one of their very well-maintained vehicles.

The choice of vehicle can be dependent on several factors, the size of the party, the length of the journey, can always play a part in the final decision. We have experienced staff to help you with your choice. With our full range of vehicles, we can cater for every eventuality you might be thinking of a golf or day trip, our premium VIP vans can accommodate 9 to 11 people. Our luxury range of cars and SUVs with over 850 destination to choose from are suited for any trip, they can comfortably seat three people for a car or 7-9 people in our luxury Toyota Fortuner, or similar style of vehicle.

To add to our extensive vehicle range, we also cater for the larger group of clients who require either a 24 or 50 seat VIP coach. Fitted out with comfort in mind for those extended trips creating a pleasurable travel experience. We can also provide a hostess, guide, and light snacks at an extra cost.

All our trips are competitively priced coupled with flexibility for your very own itinerary.

glassflower vip van-2

Premium VIP Van

Glassflower Premium VIP Vans are minibuses that the most comfort and style getting you to your destination on time.

glassflower private comfort car-1

Private Comfort Car

Our vehicles are well maintained to make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

glassflower suv

Luxury SUV

Glassflower Luxury SUVs have a capacity of 5-7 PAX and are luxury SUVs such as Toyota Fortuner, taking you safely...

glassflower vip coach bus-2

VIP Coach Bus

Glassflower VIP Coach Buses have a capacity ranging from 24 PAX to 50 PAX depending on your needs

glassflower vvip party van-1

VVIP Party Van

Glassflower VVIP Party Vans are highly customized luxury vans offering lots of bling and pure fun as well as comfort and safety for your special trip or party event.